We believe in the promise that Illinois communities can be great places to live and work.

We invest our resources to strengthen early education opportunities for young children, protect natural lands and waterways, and promote economic vitality through robust employment development.
Our aim is to support change in communities, regions and the state. We focus on four key elements that create the right conditions for change: high-functioning systems, strong public policies, engaged communities, and effective organizations. Because progress is often hindered by inefficient and fragmented systems, we look for efforts that champion networks, bring in new partners, improve coordination, adapt to changing circumstances, and build toward solutions at an appropriate scale.


As a foundation we seek to be inclusive, collaborative, and flexible. We believe that the best work is based on strong relationships and honest sharing of ideas. We try to learn from our work and our partners, and respond creatively to new opportunities and challenges as they arise. We value integrity, excellence, and transparency.
We support work that we believe embodies these values as well.


Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois voluntarily donates 20 percent of its annual net operating income to fund initiatives that help turn local communities into vibrant civic hubs. That extraordinary commitment sets it apart from other gaming establishments around the country. Grand Victoria Foundation was established in 1996 to carry out this commitment. 

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