Elgin Grantworks

What is a general operating grant and what can it be used for?

General operating grants are grants to cover the regular personnel, administrative, and other expenses of your organization or an existing program of your organization.The grant may also be used to cover the cost of staff retreats, staff training, outside consultative services, rent, utilities, development of marketing or public relations materials, and/or translation of program materials.

What do you consider an Elgin-based organization?

A nonprofit is considered an Elgin-based organization if it: 1) has an office in Elgin, Illinois, 2) provides direct services to Elgin residents, and 3) has a dedicated Elgin budget.

What do you mean by funders?

Funders are foundations, corporations, and government agencies that award your organization grants to support a program and/or to cover general operating expenses. For purposes of this application, funders are also individuals who donate $2,500 or more to your organization.

What are typical reasons an application is declined?

The most common reasons an application is declined are: 1) the organization does not meet the eligibility requirements; 2) the application is incomplete; 3) the organization is not financially stable; and 4) there is no indication from the application that a general operating grant would strengthen the organization or help maximize its service delivery.

What if our application is denied?

If your application is denied you may reapply after six months.

How many grants will be awarded each year?

The number of grants will be determined by the availability of funds.

Who will evaluate the applications?

Each application will be evaluated on its own merits by the Foundation staff and Board of Directors.

What are the reporting requirements?

Recipients are required to submit narrative reports and year-to-date financial statements at the end of each year of the grant period.

If an organization applies for a general operating grant, can it apply for other grants from the Foundation in the same year?

Yes. However, eligibility requirements and program priorities for other Foundation grant programs differ from the eligibility requirements for the Grantworks general operating grant program.